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Our LOGOS are NOW ONLINE! Check out the all new!! -- WE NEED MORE LOGOS!!

I still need help in keeping the site up to date! If you see any helmets that don't match what I have displayed, please let me know via email. I would appreciate it!

Welcome to the Georgia High School Helmet Project. As always, I hope you enjoy your visit. There have been many changes to the site since it went live in February 2002. With the help and partnership of Johnny Walton of the Lincoln Co. Red Devils, this site continues to grow in popularity as the years go by. He has been a tremendous partner in making sure the site is kept up to date along with offering several features for the high school sports fan. My main job is to make sure the helmets are as up to date as possible.

I have just now finished updating the helmets again to a newer more modern design. I have spent countless hours researching each team to make sure I have the most current helmet available. And I think I can say without reservation, that I am the only one that offers all 412 helmets in two different views (one set facing right, and one set facing left). I also believe no other helmet site is maintained as diligently as this one is. As always, these images are free of charge. But I would ask that you spread the word to anyone you know that could benefit from their use.

As with the custom here, you can submit your stadium photos, school crests, school logos, etc. to be displayed on the site. Email is by far the most effective way to get me the information. I don't get on forums all that much (don't have time), but I check my email EVERY day and I'll make sure they get added to the site. My email is: Also, I am constantly updating the helmets whenever I see one that doesn't match. Please let me know if you see a helmet that has changed because the majority of these teams I never see. That's the reason for the site; so folks from around the state can see what each team wears even though they may never see the team in person. Again, thank you for visiting, and please check back often! On to the helmets!!

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July 23, 2015

Wheeler County

July 19, 2015


July 4, 2015

Wilkinson County

June 30, 2015


June 26, 2015


June 21, 2015


June 11, 2015

Bradwell Institute

June 8, 2015

Ocmulgee Academy
Lumber City
Historical 1971-1990

May 11, 2015

Mill Creek

May 4, 2015


March 21, 2015

Unity Christian School


March 21, 2015

CrossPointe Christian School


March 21, 2015

Creekside Christian Academy


March 21, 2015

Calvary Christian School


March 21, 2015

Community Christian School


March 21, 2015

Covington Academy


March 21, 2015

Horizon Christian Academy


March 21, 2015

Johnson Ferry Christian Academy


March 21, 2015

Covenant Christian Academy

March 21, 2015

Praise Academy

Powder Springs

March 21, 2015

New Creation Christian Academy